Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Suicide Solution

There are people dying to get into this country and Native people are dying to get out. The statistics for suicide in the Native population has been off the charts for decades. This is not a new reality. This is the result of a centuries long campaign to destroy the Indigenous Peoples of North America. The end game is one where the Indigenous Peoples abandon their hope and begin to kill each other and themselves.

This is a Living Genocide.

The big challenge for all Canadians is that they were educated with the lie of their creation story. They believe that Canada was created in a peaceful way with little-consequences to the Indigenous Peoples. It is hard for anyone to come to terms with the lies that form the foundation of their being. It is realizing that your loving father was a pedophile and a murderer.

Genocide is not mentioned in any history book and every generation and every New Canadian is indoctrinated into the great lie. If there is awareness it is comforted by the notion that it happened a long time ago. Despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of Indigenous children were taken away from their homes and communities and placed in Indian Residential School for re-education up until the early 1990’s.

Today, that daunting number is being surpassed and blown away by the number of Indigenous children placed in the foster care system. It is a system to remove children from family and community and has been in full effect since the period known as “The Sixties Scoop”.

The reason for this has also been the same land, resource, avarice and greed.

Indigenous Peoples are connected to the natural world. This is not just something that is said. It is our connection to the land and the water that makes us who we are. It is our undying love and respect for our Mother Earth. 

The ongoing destruction of traditional lands and waters creates an existential crisis for Indigenous Peoples. If we cannot drink the water, what hope is there for anyone? Indigenous Peoples are canaries in the coalmine for this country. Canadians don’t understand that the water story on First Nations is about everyone. The drinking water crisis isn’t about water treatment centres. It is that you can’t drink out of the river anymore. That is about everyone and everything. 

Water is Life.

We need to help all people get back to land and reconnect to our Mother. The great science of the modern day has proven many things perhaps most importantly there is no planet, no moon, nothing that is any match for our beautiful Mother Earth.

Our people who are living in Northern Communities have a higher degree of language retention and many of them have traditional skills that come from living off the land. The youth who are crying out, living in crisis and taking their lives at a horrific pace have something to share that cannot be found anywhere else. It is in these communities that live Canada’s future. They believe they are hopeless yet they may be the hope for us all.  

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