Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 - The End of Tomorrow

It's the last year that ever mattered. 2012. Now what? My whole life I always remember looking forward to a date. The first big one 1984. The most prescient book I have ever read. Ever since George Orwell predicted Big Brother, we have done everything to build that dystopian society. Either by design or by witness.
Then it was 1999, Space 1999 was my Star Trek. I loved that show. Martin Landau was a bad ass.
1999 came. We were supposed to have a landing strip on the moon. That wasn't going to happen. Instead all we did was keep sending the Space Shuttle up in circles. Going nowhere. Not allowed back on the moon.

It was also Prince's 1999. A great song by one of the greatest artists of these times. These days before the end of tomorrow.

Then the big one. Millennium. 2000.
Y2K, the talk of that day.
Lights out. Computers gone.
Nothing works for
anyone who can not
work for themselves

There was much talk of end of days leading up to the millennium. Religious talk of all forms targeted that date. Then to add credence to the fear and anxiety, a technological armmageddon was cooked up, y2k, the computers would all crash unable to decipher the date. So if you thought the religious prophesies were hooey, you had cold hard facts. Didn't you? In the end religion was religion and non believers paid millions, billions, to update and decode computer lines knowing full well that there was no way it could be done in time.
On the final day of 1999, me and my best friend drove all around the territory looking for supplies that we could use for the end of civilization. We were smoking joints and doing our best to hyper each other into frenzy. It was a great day.

2001. 2001, a Space Odyssey. Kubrick's futuristic vision. Did it come true? I can't say. It probably did.

Regardless of how you ranked those dates in your own psyche, the reality is that we got through it. We survived all those dates. All the dates that matter except one. 2012. The Grand Daddy of them all. The oldest known calendar in all of humanity and it has an end date. Everyone knows this. Little kids know this date.

I can't remember when I first became aware of 2012 and who told me or if I read it somewhere. It was just there fully formed sometime between teenager and man. The end of tomorrow. The date at the end of time.
The end of tomorrow. So now what?