Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011- The Good - People Power

The movement is growing. Direct action is starting to return. The role that social media and technology can serve the movement and direct action has been proven. The Arab Spring was remarkable to witness. I marched with the Occupy movement in Winnipeg. I joined in with thousands of others to share the story of Attawapiskat. There is something happening.

The Arab Spring saw the people rise up against oppressive murderous regimes. At the lose of thousands of lives, the people continued to march and protest. They wanted freedom.

The Occupy movement wanted people to understand one simple message. We are the 99%. Those that control the majority of the wealth and resources are the 1%. Beyond that idea there was no other direction, no other demands. When the weather starts to get into the minus category and into the minus teens overnight, it's pretty tough to sleep outside. The Winnipeg Occupy movement began to break up as did others across the continent. To those that were paying attention, the message had been delivered.

Attawapiskat was the story that would not go away as much as the Canadian government wished it would. The story stayed alive and stayed in the public eye thanks in no little part to the constant attention and activity the story provided on social media.

2011 was a year in which we saw people around the world making sacrifices, making a stand, speaking up in a way which was unprecedented. The people are expressing their power against oppressive governments around the world, corporate greed and the wedding of both against the people.

It's 2012, now what? In some Arab countries, the victory for some has not translated to all. In some countries, the bloodshed continues unabated.

The Occupy Movement had little impact on the spread of corporate greed, but that battle has only just begun.

The unifying action to bring housing and infrastructure to Attawapiskat Cree Nation was a success; but there are many more communities in the same or worse condition.

Admire your success, learn and move forward. This is just the beginning.

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