Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This is no Hidden Holocaust

This is no Hidden Holocaust.

They took away the children and did experiments on them.  They starved children and watched them become ill and took notes. Children died. They took notes.

How much more do you need to know to accept the truth that the Canadian Government in colloboration with the Churches, Big Business and now, Academia implemented a program of cultural and literal genocide against the Native people of this country.

Their intentions were no less than those that fired the Holocaust of Europe. If we are judged by own judgements, their actions are worse. If we believe it is a greater sin to break a spirit than it is to break a body, then there is no comparison.

They beat the language out of the children. They raped the children. They buried tiny bodies in shallow graves. Murderers and rapists. We knew that they were murderers and rapists. We knew that they hated our spirituality and our way of life.

They starved children and took notes. They watched children raped, murdered and they took notes and starved children and took notes.

We knew it was Government. We knew it was Churches. We knew it was Big Business.

Now we know it was Academia as well.

This is no Hidden Holocaust.

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